How to prepare for questions related to the State of Domicile you belong?

You should be aware of what these are and decide how to handle them. This list is far from exhaustive, but the areas the interviewers are looking to find out about your state are almost covered here. This is a from a good heart who shared it in Orkut.

History: Ancient civilizations, Archaeological sites, medieval period, Modern period, Participation in freedom struggle, After independence till now, Famous personalities

Geography: Land reform and landscape, Climatic conditions, Rivers and canals of state, Soil types of state, Flora and fauna of state, Minerals and ores, recent incidents

Agriculture in State: Agricultural statistics, important crops of state, dairy farming, irrigation, horticulture, Animal husbandry, fisheries, cooperative movement, land reforms

Economy of the state

General Indicators: Statistics, GDP share, per capita income, Gross state domestic product, HDI,  What is the present status of economy in the state, Which is the predominant economic activity of the state, What are the potential areas having scope for development, What are your suggestions, Financial infrastructure of state

Industry: New industrial policy, agro based industry, forest produce based industry, famous industry of state, labour problems, issues, insurance for workers

Power scenario (energy) in state

Transportation network in state: Roads(national highway, state highway, other statistics), Railways (zone statistics etc.), Airways(international, domestic, military etc)

Demography of state

Population of state: Statistics – Total population, sex ratio, population density, decadal growth, literacy(M,F), District with highest/lowest  population, District with highest /lowest decadal growth rate of population, District with max/least population density, District with highest/lowest sex ratio, District with maximum/minimum male/female literacy rates, percentage of urban population, district with highest/lowest urban population, population/sex ratio(0-6 age group), specific schemes related to population  in state

Education in state: Statistics, universities in state, medical colleges in state, research centres in state,  state board of school education, specific schemes related to education in state

Public health in state: Rural health mission, urban health mission, AIDS control programme in the state, specific schemes related to health in states

Planning of state, Rural development, Water resources of State, Handicraft of state

Welfare schemes of state related: agriculture, industry, labour, health, education, women, girl child, old age, rural development

Districts: how many districts, districts of historical importance, tourist places, education hub, religious place

Capital: Read all information from wikipedia and government sites

Administrative set up of state: Name of lok sabha constituencies, list of governers,  list of chief ministers, Panchayat raj system in the state

Folk dances and music: Folklore, folk dances, folk songs, folk music, folk theatre

Famous spiritual places.

Fairs and festivals of state, famous personalities of state

Source: Forum IAS