Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly depending on your view of the world), it’s often the basics that let most people down.

Our list isn’t exhaustive so if you can suggest any additions we would be glad to include them.

Whether your interview is highly subjective or a chance to get to know you, adhere to these basic etiquette:

1. Don’t eat strong foods before the interview. Just be energized.

2. Relax and Reach early (20-30 minutes early)

3. Enter into the office from Gate No.2 of UPSC and make sure you have the Call letter and show it to the CISF Officer. Put your signature on the attendance sheet.

4. UPSC is “No Mobiles Zone” So turn off your cell phone.

5. Keep the folder/file ready which contains your certificates and documents prearranged.

6. They are verified before you enter the interview room. (You will not carry any files/folders when you enter the board room)

7. Cooperate with officials to finish official formalities before interview.

8. You have to occupy the seat meant for you which determines the interview board you’ll face and while waiting,

  • Remain focussed
  • Don’t think too much
  • Read a paper/magazine
  • Do not try to assume situations
  • Interact with other fellow candidates sitting next to you.
  • Do not pose any questions to the candidate who just came out of the interview room

9. Before you go into the interview room go to the lavatory and make sure you look presentable.

10. Take a final, deep breath before entering the boardroom.

11. Enter straight by taking permission because they already ordered the attendant to call you and waiting for you.

# Walk into the room at normal pace neither swiftly nor very leisurely.

12. Wish ‘Good morning’ or ‘Good afternoon’ as fitting to the hour. Wish lady member first if any.

13. Sit only when asked: On entering the room, don’t assume anything.  Wait until you are asked.  Let your interviewer be in control here.  You have stepped into their environment.

  • Give thanks before sitting.
  • In some cases the interviewers wish to test the etiquette and manner of an interviewee and delay deliberately in saying to occupy the seat.

14. When the Board members thank you at the end of the Personality test, do not forget to thank the members one last time and keep your body posture straight at the time of leaving the room

15. Be conscious of your body language when you are seated.

Source: Forum IAS