Board: Sujata Mam
Railway Background

Questions Asked:

1.Do we need High speed railways
2Why Railways so highly subsidised?Is it possible to do away with it?
3.Why Ease of doing business inspite of poverty
4.Problems of Jharkhand? ur Top 3 priority if u become DM of any tribal populated district with Minerals ?Prioritise them
5.2 important achievement of Isro in recent days,why important?
6.Why specialists are interested in these service,who Any1 can do?
Dont Remember Much Now,It was I who spoke most of the time,All question were leading to Social Vs Capital/Commercialisation debate from all 5 members Very CORDIAL Board.
Just Chill the Moment you know its Sujata mam’s Board..
And after Each Member had asked including chairman for 30 minutes,Sujata Mam again took reins in her hand for 15-20 Minutes,Taking the duartion of interview for 40-45 Minutes.Does it happened with all???Mam Dint kept poker face,when she was satisfied it showed.


The interview was just like conversation, I cant remember the specific questions directed.
No factual question,No data,No schemes asked..All I had mentioned in support of my arguments they never asked me anything specific.No Question From Mechanical(Graduation subject) No question from Pub Ad(optional),No question from Hobby.I had mentioned 4 things in each column In prizes,sports,Leadership position and hobbies and Interest.It seems that page got detached.

Source: Forum IAS