Interview Date:– 08/05/17
Board:– Bhonsale Sir
Background: B.Tech IIT Kanpur (And Job at two Different places)
First to be Interviewed

Chairman Ring the Bell.
Peon opened the Door

I Entered -> Wished chairman after requesting to enter Than lady member and other Members together. they All smiled and Requested me to sit Down (I smiled)

Bhonsle Sir Was very Pleasant, to begin with


You are Academically Good and Also creative You won this this Awards..So what do you think when one says that “Great Innovation are Simple”
Ans -> Sir Any Innovation which caters to the Demand of the people at the Grassroot levels are Great innovation and along with this it is also important to ensure that they are simple enough for the Understanding of the people.If the Innovations are Complex and people are not able to understand it than i think sir the utility of the same is not good enough

Chairman Replied -> VERY GOOD (With Smile) ..Ohk you have read todays Newspaper? Any Important news
Ans -> Yes Sir.Mr Emmanuel Macron has won the Election so the Wave of Protectionism and Anti globalisation, which could be seen from the Brexit and Us presidential elections ,could be seem platued
Sir along with these BCCI has said that India will participate in the ICC Champions trophy along with these sir there is also news w.r.t Corruption in AAP ,wherein charges of Corruption has been laid upon Honorable chief Minister of Delhi.These are, I think, three Important news of today.

Chairman -> Ohk what do you think is this wave of anti- Protectionism? Will Angela Merkel win in GERMANY?
Ans -> I think Sir the Wave of Anti-protectionism and Anti-globalisation has platued .people was Anti-regime due to Unemployment and Terrorist attacks so this wave may now fall and also the Semi-Final is won but The Final is still left in Germany .I think that Angela Merkel will probably win Sir

Member 1

M1 (A lady) -> Seems Pleasing -> You Have done NCC in college .Recently there was news that Girls doing NCC will directly join Army ?What are your views on that?
Ans -> Mam I think it is a Good Step to ensure the Equity in Forces as there has been a long standing demand for the same.Also Mam I think Along with it Proper Training should be provided to them

M1 -> So you are Happy with this move
Ans -> Yes mam I am Happy (Smiling again)

M1 -> You are From xyz what are some tourists places there If you Can suggest me few
Ans -> Listed out 1,2,3,4,-> And said Mam its a good tourist Place to visit (Mam also smiling with me)

M1 -> Ok Do you Follow Electoral news .(I said yes) you have Voter ID Card -(No Mam) -> Mam saying to Chairman -See People from Good Academic Background not Voting -> I Gave Biggest Smile and said -> Mam the First think after leaving from here would be to apply for a Voter ID Card (She smiled)
M1 -> Ok tell me some electoral Process
Ans-> Mam in the recent past there has been lots of hues and cries over the issue of EVM so govt has recently Sanctioned 16.2 lakh rs for bringing in VVPAT -Voter verifiable Paper audit trail-So EVM and VVPAT will be both used together .also when elections are done there are huge movements of Personnel and forces from one place to other ,so I think that could be done in smoother manner (Didn’t wanted to go into other issues as process was asked) >
M1 -> Mam with a different Face -w.r.t Political parties?
Ans -> Yes mam they should also be brought under RTI by amending Section 8 of RPA along with severe punishment for politicians with criminal record (should have spoken about R.K Nagar issue and EC ‘s Demands -but missed)
M1-> What are your views over Nuclear Energy
Ans -> Mam it has Deterrence value
M1 -> No No ..Ohk sry the Use of Nuclear energy for Civil Nuclear Energy – you must be knowing that in France and Germany they are moving away from it
Ans -> yes Mam it is good to have Nuclear energy but there are also harmful effects of it for e.g Chernobyl and Japan case .we have tremendous potential in Renewable energy of Solar and Wind recently the tariffs of these sources has went as low as 3.15 rs .So we should move both together Recently Kundankulam Plant in South India with the help of Russia has been commissioned So yes mam in the Long term our benefits lies in larger focus on solar and wind

M1 -> ohk your Hobbies is watching movies .Don;t you think movies in 1950’s and 1960’s where catering to the social evils in the society but now you see no such movies could be seen
Ans-> Mam I beg your pardon .I agree with you to some extent .Yes in 1950’s and 1960’s there were movies like Mother India and other with themes of social evils. and but know also we could see movies like Kaabil,Dangal ,though I agree the rate is lowered,but Mam i can see the wave of issue based movies Comming back and am Hopeful it will continue in the future also (With large smile -Mam also shaking head and Passed the Baton to other member)

Member 2

M2 -> Lets talk about Sports you have played many sports –> I said Sure Sir !
M2 -> What do you see condition of India in Sports -not able to win Medals at International Stages .what are your views on it
Ans -> I completely agree with you sir .If we keep cricket aside ,in which we are doing exceptionally well-the other sports are not -we should focus on sports like Archery ,Boxing,wrestling which is our strength.And sir Govt has set up recently 9 member under Chairmanship of Sport secretary to form a National Sports code .wherein focus is laid upon the administration part and less influence of politicians in sports bodies so i am hope..(Interrupted)

M2 -> but You see many committees are made in the past also but no changes
Ans -> Sir but in the Recent TOPS scheme (Target Olympic Podium scheme) they are trying to tap the local talent and groom them so there are changes this time sir (He was expecting something different -may be societal attitude towards sports)

M2 -> You have done Mechanical Engineering tell me few Materials which could be used in Aircrafts ?
Ans -> sir graphene could be used as it is light weight and sir we could also use Additive Manufacturing – 3D Printing (should have told Ceramics) –
M2 ->He told 2D or 3D
Ans -> Sir 3D -> as layer by layer is formed .
M2-> Ok ok

M2 -> This modi school from where you did 12 th class -> Is this Narendra Modi – we all had a big Laugh – I said no sir ..That why this name –> I said sry sir I don’t know (School hi kitne baar gaye the Kota mai jo pata ho ) he said you must have connections with your old schools..
M2 -> Ohk tell me about your 2 Jobs –>
Ans -> I explained First Job -sir Worked in power sector for 6 months in xyz (pqrs state)
M2 -> What was the rating of power plant
Ans -> sir 500MW ..( Than continued ) than said In my second job i worked in an E-commerce firm based in Gurgoan catering to the demands of Suadi arabia and sir Back end office is in Gurgaaon
M2 -> You Were Assistant Manager -So what kind of Manager you were ? what are the qualities for a Manger
Ans -> Sir I coo-rdinated , cooperated ,and collaborated with other depts. to make sure work is one in smooth manner.Ans Sir leadership Quality is the Imp. quality required .Other than that sir Qualities like Compassion,equity,sympathy are few more
M2 -> So you were a leader who led from the front or stayed Behind ?
Ans -> Sir I led from the front (With a Big Smile)
Batton passed to M3

Member 3

M3 -> Ohk you talked about Power plant don’t you think thermal energy will get impacted by too much Focus on Renewable energy
Ans -> I completely Agree with you sir The Plant load Factor of thermal Power plants are decreasing sir ,from 60.And also sir the Bubble could be seen forming in the renewable sector .i think sir we should move in a phased manner by making use of the new technology comming in our way for e,g Recently the new graphene capacitor has been developed which are 30 % more efficient ,sry. 30 times more efficient …so along with renewable we should focus on thermal as well and move in a phased manner sir.

M3 -> Ohk you talked about E-commerce sector what do you think we should restrict the Outside companies like Amazon and behavi like swadeshi first or let the Market forces run it course
Ans -> Sir I think In the Long term there could be seen consolidation in the sector as seen in the telecom sector ,sir recently Flipkart acquired snapdeal so sir finally 3-4 companies will survive so than we should let allowe govt. forces to run

M3 -> But what our desi companies would do than?
Ans -> Sir flip-kart is doing excellent they have recently sign deal of $1.4 bn with softbank and acquired e-bay
M3 -> yes ..But what about retail store ( I was like –> Accha yeh bolo na)
Ans -> sir we have allowed 100% FDI only in Marketplace model and not in retail sector.and sir retail stores could also use digital technology to provide door-step services.
M3 .- Ohk so you are saying this na that Retail Market should also improve their Infrastructure
Ans -> Yes Sir.

M3 You worked in Steel plant .
Ans -> No sir Powe plant
M3 .Ohk than leave,But you can tell me the issues in Steel sector
Ans .Yes sir .(He shaked his head so I went ahead) Sir NPA worth of Rs 3 lakh crore is in steel sector. for that steps has been taken recently.ans sir govt. has recently initiated National steel policy (M3 happy and shaking his head ) wherein the govt ,has proposed to increase the production to 300MT and Investment of rs 10 lakh crore .along with sir the other issue was chinese dumping of steel at throwaway prices which led to decline in steel prices.and govt has taken steps to check it. But sir this year the conditions had improved we have exported more that 110 Mt of steels.And i am hopeful the sector will perform well in the future also
M3 .What should govt . do to check these Chinese dumping
Ans -Sir Countervailing Duties could be imposed.

Member 4

Baton passed to M4 (He was smiling like anything and than mee too ? ) than i realised I have seen him in Some discussion on RSTV on Foreign relations (Wanted to ask him for autograph)
M4 – Have you heard about OBOR – I shaked Head -he went ahead -One BELT ONE ROAD-what is it all about
Ans – Sir It has two parts SERB and MSR -than explained -regional development ,growth will pass through Eurasia ,china,africa etc etc..
M4 should India Join it
Ans -> Sir in Long term yes in short term no.(he shook his head and was watching keenly so I went ahead ) Sir our national sovereignty is in qn so in short term no . but in long term we can join it because roads and ports are national asset can be used if we talk bilaterally with other countries.sir also the Long term goal is nit clear of OBOR .recently US commander of Pacific fleet also said that the purpose of OBOR is not sir still there is no clarity in global order about it .China is having a meet on BRIF on May 14-15 -Thing would me more clear than sir
M4- What is sovereign issue that u said why India Opposing (I smiling – arey CPEC bolna bhool gaya –)
Ans -Sir beacause CPEC which is part of this project is passing thru Gilgit-Baltistan region which is the Integral part of India .So this is against our territorial integrity

M4 -> Ohk what is the issue of South China Sea last year there was issue with Arbitral court on UNCLOS- (I sad yes sir with Philippines)–> What is india stand on it why south china imp for india.
Ans -> Sir South china is imp for India since it is energy rich region.India has got oil rigs from Vietnam .Large amount of our trade passed through this region.And sir also the Laws of Navigation and air-flight should be followed by all -we are also having Malabar exercise with USA and Japan for the same purpose and Australia has shown interest in it.So sir we should push for this global order to be maintained
M4 -> what should be India’s Policy towards china?
Ans -> Sir right now we are following two pronged policy Both soft-power and Hard power( He smiling and shaking his head ) .Sir Hardpwoer id Imp. because we can that china is encerciling us Djiboauti in Africa,Hambantota in Sri-lanka ,2 submarines given to Bangladesh ,and Kyaukpyu port in Myanmar( he said submarines -what impact due to it-> sir chinese submarines docking there could map the sea -ocean floor -which will not be good for us in future )- I continued —-And also sir in the Boundary agreements due to the LAC issue we can see that they always want to maintain status -quo -as they can use their growing economic power to Bairgain hard in future for South Tibet .In soft power sir We need to make our neighbors understand the Hambantota port case.and push hard for our stakes in the Indian ocean region.

Baton Passed to Chairman Again

Chairman -> What are your Views on SC case on National Anthem case.?
Ans :- Sir I think It is Judicial Over-reach (Aur Interview ki hawa palti-Bhonsel sir ne jaise yeh Sun -liya ho Pakistan Jindabad) becuase each person has its own way to express nationalism -and sir this case the SC said that when National Anthem is played before movies start than all should start and during the movie if theres National Anthem than people should not stand so therre are …(Interrupted)

Chairman:– What do you mean by Judicial Overreach? (He looked a bit upset)
Ans -> State has three part -judiciary ,executive ,legislature – so sir when Judiciary …(Interrupted)

Chairman -> What do you mean by Judicial overreach – PIL was lodged supreme court found some issues in the act and they changed it — (M2 shaking his head with Chairman like I have done a crime )
Ans -> Sir Judicial overreach means if Judiciary moves into the vacuum created by political executives to fill that gap.
Chairman -> How Judicial overreach in this case …He said ohk you tell me You are sitting in a movie theater nad 4 goons are not standing when national Anthem is being played what will you do
Ans -> Sir I will go a request them to stand
Chairman -> no they don;t stand than
Ans -> sir I will go a lodge an FIR as you said sir that SC court verdict
Chairman -> (Smiling Again –> I was feeling I said Hindustan Jindabaad ) -ohk you will go after the movie or during the movie
Ans- > Sir Definitely during the movie
Chairman -> Smiled again

Ohk Mr XYZ your Interview is over.I said Thanks you sir

Chairman -> What will you do today
Ans -> sir my parents are here so will spend some quality time with them
Chairman -> Smiled Said Good..Thank You
I replied Thank you sir ,thank you Mam ,thank you sirs (by seeing towards all remaining ones) i SAW all replying in chorus Thank You and all were smiling.

So wanted to justify my Stand on Judicial over-reach by saying –> suppose an disable person is sitting or suppose some foreigners are sitting -> how and why should they stand- and if the same decisions would have come from Political executive I would have been happy sir.But haven’t got the Opportunity to say so..

Whole Interview Board were Cordial until That SC decision ON national Anthem..It was an excellent experience -hope the transcript will help few friends here.

Source: Telegram