• Name Patil Pranjal Lahensingh
  • State Maharashtra
  • Background- BA in political science.
  • MA and M.Phil from JNU
  • Optional- PSIR
  • Hobby- reading biography, autobiography, doing voluntary work
  • Present service- PnT Accounts and Finance Service
  • Board- Prof. PK Joshi
  • Date- 19 april 2017
  • Afternoon  session


Your name is Pranjal. Right?

Yes sir. In Maharashtra, we write our title first and then our own name and our father’s name in the last. (the entire atmosphere got so lightened up).

You have completed your PG in 2012. Since then you have been preparing for UPSC?

Sir, I completed my M.Phil meanwhile and I am presently pursuing PhD from JNU.

What are your views on freedom of Speech?
Sir, it is our fundamental right as per article 19 of the Constitution. but it also puts reasonable restrictions on it.

So we should try that while expressing our views, others should not get hurt. But sometimes, even when we do not have any such intensions, people get hurt. In this situation, we can not do much.

Member 1

But we have to respect each other’s views. So that tension will be avoided.

Some people argue that political science nomenclature is not right. It should be political studies or something else. But not political science. What do you think about it?

Sir, all disciplines like political science, sociology, economics try to claim themselves as science. It is to bring objectivity in the discipline.

But how will you convince those people who don’t think it as science? Because it does not have lab, practicals, etc.

sir,  laboratory is not just about the 4 walls of the room. World itself is a laboratory. And we can have different experiments in that.

Behaviouralism has also tried to bring scientific objectivity in political science discipline.

Now, we also have surveys, sample method research, etc.

In political science, we can have rules. Sometimes, those rules get proved and sometimes, they get disproved also.

It is a science.  But it is not a science in a way of fundamental science.

What is budget?

Sir, budget is financial statement which decides how the money is to be spent in a next financial year on different sectors and different areas.

How is budget prepared?

Sir, finance ministry prepares the budget. It gets inputs from Indian economic service personnels. Different ministries give their own plan of action  on spending money in their areas.

Member 2

In university, don’t you think that students should study rather than speaking on current affairs and other things? Their main motive should be studies.

Ma’am, they should definitely study. But they should have space to express their opinions on different issues. Because they are the future of country and humanity. So through their opinions, they can shape the larger world view in whatever small or minute way.

Do you think that RTI is useful legislation? How far has it served its purpose?


RTI is a very revolutionary legislation. In last 12 years of its passage, it has made people aware that they can make public officials accountable through asking for information.

It has  democratized Indian democracy.

Yes. There are limitations in RTI act. Such as political parties, judiciary, etc. are out of the ambit of RTI.

Information can be denied in the name of public interest which is not clearly defined.

But despite this, it is a very useful legislation and it has a long way to go.

Member 3

Your hobbies are reading biography and autobiography? Which biographies have impressed you?

Sir, the blind doctor, a story of Jacob Bolotine by Roseland Parman, impressed me a lot. How in difficult time when advanced technology was not available,  awareness was not there, he became a doctor. and he had a strong urge to serve the people through his profession.

Sir, also, Churchill‘s My Life by Martin Gilbret impressed me. His decisive leadership, fiercely independent thinking really inspired me a lot.

What do you think about India-Nepal relations?

Sir, we have been very friendly neighbours. But recently, there are some hick ups in their relations.

The present turmoil in Nepal started when the new constitution is adopted. Madhesis, tharus are not happy with the new constitution. They are protesting. So there is a feeling in Nepal that India is there behind these protests. However, Nepalese President Bidya Devi Bhandari assured us that India and Nepal will continue to have good relations. And India should not worry about Nepal-China military exercises.

Do you think that the collapse of Soviet Union proved to be good for the world? What will you say about it if you look back more than 2 decades?

Sir, it has both sides.

It is good for the world because it ended the Cold War.

Central Asian and East European countries got sovereign status.

But it did  not proved to be completely good for the world because it did not really end the rivalry between US and Russia.

They are in conflict in West Asia, East Europe, UNSC, etc.

What is the state of East European countries vis-à-vis Russia now?

(I did not understand the question at first instance. I repeated it and asked that whether he is asking the same thing.)

Sir, politically, these countries are independent now. They are also a part of EU. So, economically, they are getting investment  from EU.

But the way Russia took Crimea from Ukraine, there is a fear among these countries for their sovereignty.

What do you have to say about internal immigration issue within Europe?

Sir, there is migration from east European to west European countries. Historically, east European countries were part of Soviet Union. So they were not open for investment and all.

So west Europe is more developed than east Europe. And therefore, migration is taking place.

But if the employment opportunity is created in the east European countries then there won’t be need of migration.

Member 4

UP, government has come up with anti-romio scord. What do you think about it?

Sir, it is to prevent eve-teasing against women. the intensions are good but innocent couples are also getting harassed. (interrupted)

Isn’t it leading to misuse of power by police? Do you agree to me or not? Police take bribe and all.

It is leading to misuse because there are no clearcut guidelines for the police. They do not know what is their jurisdiction in this situation.

So although it is important step to prevent some unwanted situations against women but it is not the only way.

There can be some alternative way to stop eve-teasing and all. Do you know that SC has passed some judgement regarding this under IPC 498 A?

Sir, I am not aware of it.

Jalakattu has been there for so long. Why the issue regarding it has been raised now?

Sir, recently, the issues of animal right violation and human right violation came in limelight.

What is SC’s action on it?

SC has passed a judgement for banning it.

what is government’s response to it?

Sir, government has passed the ordinance in favour of continuing Jalakattu.

Which festival is it celebrated in?

(I took time to remember it).

Pongal or Sankranti? Or both?

I think, both sir.

What is the difference between regional party and national party?

Sir, ECI give such recognition to political parties. (did not remember the exact requirements to become national party and all).

What is the process of registration of political party?

(could not remember it well.

(I am happy with my interview. The chair person and other members of the board were very cordial and encouraging).

Source: Telegram