Name: Deven keshwala
Graduation: BCom and MBA
Optional: Public administration
Experience: 7 years (2 yr power + 5 yr dairy sector)
Hobby: swimming and cricket
Interview Board: Mr Chattar Singh
Forenoon 5th April time 35 mins approx


So tell me who is famous from Porbandar apart from you?
Why is he famous?
Why should a person be honest in life?
What is difference between administration and management?Give example?
Why variation in your post and salary?

Member 1

Tell me something about torrent power? Why plant load factor of many utilities is low?
What are traits of a good leader?
What is difference between leader and mentor?
What is the 4th generation aircraft manufactured in India?where is it manufactured? Which company manufactures it?
What are major defence procurement policy changes recently? Reason for such changes?

Member 2

Since you played hockey, what is reason of decline of hockey from its golden days?
Why Gandhiji was able to attract masses despite having a poor personality compared to stalwart leaders like Tilak Nehru etc.
What changes should be made for conducting simultaneous elections and is it ideal? What are the benefits? Don’t you think regional and national issues would get submerged?

Member 3

Tell me something about Gujarat ?
What is so special about Surat?
Explain me the qualities of diamond from ladies perspective? Where are diamond imported and exported ?
What is your take on prohibition and why despite of prohibition there is liquor available in Gujarat and what steps you would take to curb it?
Explain EVM controversy?
Explain issue of Arvind Kejriwal’s payment of fees to lawyer from public exchequer account?
Where is 1st bullet train planned in India ?

Member 4

Name few management guru? Name 1st book written by Peter Drucker ? Name few quotes by him?
What is equity?
Why debtors are called sundry debtors?
What is difference between balance sheet and p&l?
What is present in balance sheet and how it reflects true picture of an organisation?

Name few quotes of any management thinker?
Balance sheet is balanced that how do you know the true picture of a company?
How many times a balance sheet is prepared? What is written on top of balance sheet?

Thank you.

Source: Telegram