Interview Transcript of ‘kashmir’ (ForumIAS User)

i was the last one to go.

Chairman was Bhosle sir. He was the best man that day ?  i got too nervous that i fumbled even while wishing the board, all my anxiety came in my voice …i don’t know how much he will give me but it was he who made me calm down and relax :)

Some Imp Questions:


Tell sm imp news of the day which grabbed ur attention

Member 1

(musical instruments in hobby) he told sm american song lyrics(i never heard) and asked me to interpret the meaning
are you on a deputation?permanent job?
(he never saw in my eyes, all the time looking at my hands and body even while i was talking to others, seemed like a psychologist )

Member 2

what has ur state done(UK)? why did u demand statehood? what have u done till nw? no no just this much!
(i tried to reply with my limited knowledge bt he kept on countering me with everything, i cudn satisfy him)

Member 3

one question on some ipc sections he read from a page regarding crime against women.
one question on physics of sound , i said sir i dont know.

Member 4

(Ma’am)- how wud u manage ur team when u become administrator?

Chairman: how to manage country’s unemployment?

One thing i shall add- i had prepared in depth about my optional, my work exp, but nothing was asked,
Nothing from whatever i read from current affairs/IR/economics. i think its all their mood what they feel like that time to ask u from. One more thing- during my interview chairman went to washroom, then one member also went …it distracted me a bit… but I was the last one to go may b that’s why. So, be prepared for this :p

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