Interview date: 05.04.2017 (Afternoon Session)
Interview duration:
around 30 minutes
Interview board:
Shri B.S.Bassi
B.Tech.(Mechanical Engg.)
Employment and work-ex (if applicable):
Oil & Gas Sector
Litt of Hindi Language
Reading Non-fiction, Interacting with people, Listening to Kishore Kumar

I entered into the interview room at 05.30 pm.


1. Why do you want to join services?
2. Don’t you think IDAS job doesn’t have any social impact? (I had told them that Social Impact of my Job in civil services would be significant.)
Some cross questions on this.
3. What do you do in your current job in ****?
Some cross questions on this.
4. Don’t you any decision making profile right now in present designation? (I had told them that a career in civil services provides early decision making powers.)
Some cross questions on this.

Member 1

1. What is new Hydrocarbon exploration policy and How it’s different from the earlier one?
2. What is Strategic Petroleum Reserve?
3. What are we doing to reduce our dependency on Crude and Gas imports?
4. Why waxy crudes needed to be heated during transportation?

Member 2

1. What US has done to reduce its Oil Import?
2. What are the technologies used in extraction of Shale gas?
3. What is the current cost to produce Crude from different technologies?
4. Is there any law in India defines cyber attack and distinguishes the seriousness of different cyber attacks?

Member 3

1. Why did you first worked with ****, then left that and joined ****?
2. Why crude oil price had fallen from once $100/bbl?
3. What is China doing to mitigate its Malacca dilemma?
4. What are they doing in Central Asia and Southeast Asia to mitigate their Malacca Dilemma?
5. Do you think that China would have a cheaper transportation cost of crude oil through CPEC than through Malacca straits?

Member 4

1. What is current controversy between Odisha Government and Paradip Refinery?
2. What is DIPAM?
3. Why Govt is disinvesting PSUs?
4. What do you do by Interacting with people? (One of my hobbies is Interacting with People)

1. What do you gain from Interacting with people?
2. Do you think that US might decrease Oil prices further to expel Russia from Oil Business?

That’s it ?

Source: Telegram