Board : Arvind Saxena (5th April FN)
Profile: Jharkhand state, IIT, graduate in Computer science
Software job 1.5 yrs
Geography optional, 2nd attempt


1. What is Quora? (My hobby)
2. Why did you leave your job?
2. Why seats​ in airplane are not inclined at the time of take off ? Why windows are open at take off ?
3. What is Free basics? Why govt denied? Don’t you think poors wd benefit from this? What message govt sending to private sector? Your opinion?
4. Big flag hoisted at Attari border? Is that good step? What will we get from that? BSF vs pak Army bagha border

Member 1

1. What is Biosphere reserves and importance? How they are different from National parks? Number of Biosphere? UN and India designated?
2. Have you heard about CRZ(Coastal regulation zone), importance?
3. Difference bw terrorism vs eco terrorism,
4. 3 major env problem, at national and international level,
5. climate change. Impact on Indiaa?
6. what is Jharkhand famous for?
Major minerals.

Member 2

1. Netarhat, famous IAS alumni? ( My school).
2. What is Brexit, impact on India? Good or bad? Indias investment in UK? Few factual like why David cameron resigned, when is the exit date? How exit ll start? Article 50
3. Shashi tharoor demanding reparation and apology from Britain? Why people not supporting him? Your stand?
4. Few countries apologised to India for their past deeds, name them? Canada apologised for what? Kmoagata maru, what and why happened? What was legal issue involved​?

Member 3

1. State facing Malnutrition problem, why happening and how will you solve? How to implement policies in better way?
2. As a DM of your district facing naxal problem . How to tackle?,What will be your core strategy ?
3. Human trafficking esp Girls in State , why happening , measures?
4. fav author? Alchemist, Message learnt?
5. Gaya tourism..famous places?

Member 4

1. Credit rating agencies problems? Private companies vs sovereign country What to do? South africa given junk status, India worried
2. FTA effect on India? Shd we conclude more FTAs? Problems?
Liberalisation in service?
3. Singapore h1b visa issue? What to do?
4. Mica districts in Jharkhand?
5. music lovers in your state (random question)
6. Nigeria student attacks, are we racist? What to do?

Chairman  Thank you, the interview is over.

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