I am not able to concentrate while studying, what do I do?


I am not able to study for the UPSC preliminary exam properly. I start but then again I mess up my timetable. I feel so guilty. Why is this happening to me?


I am not able to study for the UPSC preliminary exam properly. I start but then again I mess up my time table. I feel so guilty. Why is this happening to me?
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Let me extend your question. How can I clear this exam like this? Everyone other that I see, all the successful candidates too had followed their Study timetable religiously. If I cannot even follow my timetable, how can I even make it in!!

Well if this is what you feel like then welcome to the club. I too had the exact same feeling and questions every single time when I wasn’t able to stock to my timetable. I still made it, and I am sure that many like me did too. But let me tell you this very clearly, merely failing to follow the timetable for a few times doesn’t mean I or you shouldn’t.

If you fail to follow the timetable then it clearly means that you are doing it wrong somewhere. Either you are making it too tiresome, like planning to study for 18 hours a day, which seems fancy but is a fantasy in longer run unless you have habit of sitting for long hours already. Or you are merely mimicking a topper’s timetable, with the delusion that if it could work for him/her, it will work for you too. Sorry to say but both the ways don’t work.

So the question come, how to make it work.

Firstly there is nothing called minute to minute planning in this study. If you are in mid of a topic you cannot leave it simply there just because the clock struck 10. So instead of fixing the time, fix the syllabus portion that you aim to complete.

Secondly, if you ever miss out on a day due to laziness or some event, don’t repent, instead try to cover more and adjust it in your schedules. Work harder than simply crying over what’s lost.

Not everyone has the same reading habit, some feel comfortable to complete a subject in one go while some feel to take all of them together. So customize rather than copying. Know what your reading habit is and then read it that way.

So don’t worry.

If you can’t follow a timetable then customize.

If you fail then improve.

Never accept your defeat until the D-day. Try harder, try smarter.

Read till you sweat!!

Go completely tech free whenever possible (no laptop, no Internet, no phone etc.) and it’ll be MUCH easier for you to concentrate. If this isn’t possible, make sure you don’t tempt yourself by using these apps and programs: SelfControl (Mac), Cold Turkey (PC), and Freedom: Internet, App and Website Blocker.


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