What is the routine Timetable of IAS trainees at LBSNAA?


IAS Officer Trainees spend three major phases at LBSNAA (and two more, but those come at a later stage in their careers).

  1. First is during Foundation Course that is held with IAS, IFS, IPS and other services together.
  2. Next is in Phase I, right after Bharat Darshan.
  3. Then, Phase 2 is after district training, and it is held one year after Phase I.

Foundation Routine:

5:00 AM: Wake up and get ready for PT

6–7 AM: PT

8 AM: Breakfast

9:15 AM – 2 PM: Classes

2–3 PM: Lunch

3–4:15 PM: Classes

4:30–6 PM: Hobbies (ECM)

8 PM: Dinner

On every Saturday, a trek is organised that starts at 6 AM and ends at noon to 1 pm. Also, many activities are held during the course ranging from various cultural events in the evenings, talks by eminent personalties, visits to villages, Himalayan treks etc., which is part of the routine itself.

Phase I Routine:

Pretty much same routine except that activities reduce, classes are different and different set of things are held. For example, literary festival, various visits, competitions etc. are held

Phase II Routine: Yet to come for me!

Attached are some pics to give you a better perspective.

  1. LBSNAA Main Building and Director’s Lawn
  2.  Director’s Office

3. Inter Services Meet 2018 when all various service officers are invited to participate in various cultural and sports events at LBSNAA

4. A class in progress

5. Ganga Hostel

6. Another class in progress

7. Director’s Lawn

8. This is historical Happy Valley with snow sprinkles

9. Himalayan Trekking at foundation course

10. Interlude between classes

11. Bharat Darshan — Army Attachment

12. Same

13. Formal Dinner

14. Sometimes we get treated to big cakes! For the entire academy, of course.

15. Chilling at Home Turf Cafe inside Academy

16. India day celebrations

17. From the above pictures it seems like a comfortable life, but its a period of introspection, learning and making lifetime bonds with friends. Followed by village visits where reality hits and we face some humbling events…

18. Cultural Programs and dignitaries..

19. Rooms!

Source Quora