Date of Interview: -24 Feb afternoon
Home State: UP (Azamgarh).
Background: BSc. (maths, computer science, psychology)
PG: MSC(Computer science)
Hobbies: Watching Contemporary Movies, Playing Cricket
Medium: Hindi
Board: Manoj Soni sir.


  1. are you still live in village?
  2. name 3 innovation in computer science in past 10 years?
  3. use of Artificial intelligence in administration?
  4. name any example where gov has used AI?

Member 1

  1. what are the progress made in solar energy in india? what are the goals in solar energy?
  2. What are the disadvantaged of solar energy?
  3. what is the unit of irradiandiance(solar power) ?
  4. regionalism impacts nationalism in negative way and nationalism imapcts global world negatively. Comment?
  5. Do you think nationalism is bad because pm Modi had travelled somewhere and there people criticised him for stressing on nationalism.

Member 2

  1. Tell me about contemporary movies, give example. which movie you have recently watched.
  2. Coaching Institutes are money-making institutions and they exploit civil service students.
  3. (I had earlier said that I work part-time in a coaching Institute) two more questions(not remember).

Member 3

  1. do you watch Hollywood movies too? tell me which movie you have recently watch in
  2. Why indian movies don’t get Oscar?
  3. being very big state and due to administration Inaccessibility, UP should be divided. What do you Think? is e-governance reachable to all? despite this,UP is still backward in almost all indicators.
  4. Have you heard about one nation, one platform. (you are computer science student, what should it be, you can guess.)

Member 4

  1. Do you remember psychology still, tell me the name of some psychologist you have study. tell me about sigmond Freud.
  2. The salvation of India lies in its village. (Quote of Gandhi ji) comment?
  3. Have you study any development models, Do you know the development model of Switzerland?
  4. Why Bollywood movies have too many songs?
  5. Tell me the name of a famous lyricist from Allahabad who recently died.

Chairman okay, your interview is over, dhanyavaad, shubhkamnaayein, namaste.

Source: Telegram