Board BS Bassi
Date 23 rd march
Background Civil engineer
10 yrs of experience 
6 yrs on grp A Post in government department


Where are you currently posted
If I will tell you to make runway in 7 days, how will u proceed.

Member 1

What is the status of education of SC & ST children in our country, what is the literacy rate among them, what is overall literacy rate, have we not been able to reduce the gap between them and general since independence, which are the various scheme for them, what is the problem associated, if you are the dm how will you tackle the situation.

Member 2

What are the threats to Indian external security, which countries are the major source of that threat, who is bigger enemy Pakistan or China, why China, how will you use the kautilya teachings against Pakistan and China, why China and Pakistan are collaborating other factors than common enemy, who need the other more China needs pak or pak need china, where India and China have collaborated…
Why China is called expansionist historically give examples.

Member 3

How will you construct a helipad at 9000ft height in aru. Pradesh, give detailed steps…
What is wbm…
Where it lies wrt blacktop
How roads in hilly area constructed
What are the precautions
Methods to control landsliding
How road drainage is taken care of
How curves in hilly area roads accounted for

Member 4

Which project management software do you use.
What all it does
What others are available
How do you procure it
Have you heard about indradhanush
What are npa
What is asset for banks
In what form government invest in banks
Have you heard about indradhansh 2.0

Passed on to the CM
And the interview was over with all smiles.

Overall nice experience, Board was cordial.

All the Best!

Source: Forum IAS