Interview date: 28-04-2017
Board: chatter singh
Afternoon 4th person to be interviewed.
Background : B.Tech. E.E.E , working as junior engineer in central public works department.


So,You read books.. what kind of books you read? Why you read books? What are the books you read recently??

How can you buy an air-conditioner in the market in terms of energy efficiency??

What is star rating? What are the technical specifications to be included in tender Applications?? ( About my work profile)

How the centralised air conditioning system will ensure uniform flow of air from the room near to plant to last room??

Member 1

Your optional is pub ad??

What are the topics in pub ad?

What are administrative improvement techniques ?

What is difference between public administration and business administration?

How can you apply business administration in public administration??

How the PERT &CPM will be useful in pub ad??

Application of ICT in administration??

Member 2

what are the SHGs? How they function?? How did you assist them ? ( Hobby: assisting SHG’s)

Start ups are failing and leading to loss of employment . What are the suggestions to improve the start ups to make them successful??

Member 3

Why Electrical engineering called evergreen engineering??

How will you apply your technical knowledge in administration especially in terms of energy sector??

What kind of audits will takes place in your office??

What is DSR? (reg job) what are quality audits takes place in your office??

Member 4

Warangal is once main centre for naxalism?? How did it got reduced significantly??

What is Greyhound s??

Who is CVC?

Again chairman

Ch: you’re an NCC cadet. Did you do shooting??

Which riffle?? Rounds of the magazine?? Self loaded or manually loaded??

OK your interview is over. Around 25 to 30 minutes.

Source: Forum IAS