Date of Interview: 27 April,
Board: RN Choubey
Background: Geography honours
Optional: Maithili literature
Hobbies: web series, short film , kitchen gardening, kabaddi
Mock utility – just for practice
Experience – board was supporting but not a single question from daf.


  1. Tell me three judicial reform
  2. impact of digitalisation in judiciary
  3. constitutional provisions of higher judiciary judge recruitment
  4. collegium system is against the constitutional principal
  5. can judiciary amend the constitution?
  6. isn’t it against natural justice?

Member 1 ( his question were not clear )

  1. sedition and freedom of expression
  2. data of Indian diaspora ( sorry )
  3. how foreign ministry evacuate Indian diaspora
  4. is there any law rule regulation related it ( again sorry)
  5. indias stand on israiel and pleistein and change in it
  6. does relation with pleistein impact our relation with israiel

Member 2

  1. use of technology in governance
  2. what is e governance and how can you use it in administration
  3. government e market place and issue related with it
  4. why we are doing research in Antarctica
  5. isn’t it a wastage of resource, we can take research data from other country
  6. privatisation of air india

Member 3

  1. No one will win the war. What is the meaning of s  jaishankar statement ?
  2. jaishankar statement on indo Pacific meaning and context ( today newspaper)
  3. during earthquake which agency will work
  4. head of ddma and ndma
  5. Digital divide
  6. should we use less digital technology in governance to make more equitable for poor class

Member 4

  1. Gender neutrality
  2. How can we make schooling gender neutral
  3. value chain and supply chain meaning
  4. now we have DBT , so should we stop pds system

Forgotten few questions
Interview was not on expected line at all. Not a single question from daf.

Source: Telegram