Date of Interview: 7th April, Afternoon session
Board: TCA Anant
Home State: Delhi
Optional: Economics
Hobbies: Watching Bollywood movies, practicing yoga


  1. Why 2nd Masters?
  2. Describe Srilanka crisis and lessons from it for India.

Member 1

  1. Describe areas where work is needed for ensuring child rights.
  2. Also what can be done to ensure their good health.
  3. How to tackle child labour when families forced to push their children into it due to poverty?
  4. Do you know an Indian who has done considerable work for children?
  5. Do you know about Mid Day meal? What are its objectives?

Member 2

  1. What needs to be done for construction workers?
  2. What can be done in the current situation in many states where construction workers’ cess remains underutilized?
  3. What can be done by the states?
  4. You talked about performance appraisal.
  5. Told about an article in newspaper about forceful retirement of senior bureaucrats to ensure new talent gets opportunities? Is that viable? Views on it?

Member 3

  1. Which genre of movies do you watch?
  2. Should there be censorship for movies, OTT alike? Who has primary responsibility to regulate content for children, parents or state? Should there be self regulation or enforcement?
  3. Tell me your service preferences.
  4. Difference between hard and soft power.
  5. Why India was called country of snake charmers?
  6. What did India do to strengthen its soft power?

Member 4

  1. Asked names of difficult asanas that i can do.
  2. How many poses in Suryanamaskar?
  3. What is Hatha yoga?
  4. Told about a video of a boy practicing for army selection. Asked, is it good? Will it inspire people?
  5. Do you know anything on army recruitment recently?
  6. What is FCRA? Recent news on it related to NGOs ( I had mentioned about NGOs in an earlier answer).
  7. Told about a recent CBI report saying about corruption among bureaucrats. Why do you want to join service then?

Source: Telegram