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UPSC 2019 : Complete Preparation Strategy for Prelims

UPSC 2019: Complete Preparation Strategy for Prelims



UPSC 2019  Prelims exam is scheduled to be conducted on 2nd June 2019. The UPSC 2019 notification will be released in February 2019. This means there are only little over 4 months left for you to prepare for the UPSC 2019 Prelims. As a result, to kick-start your UPSC Prelims preparation and steer it in the right direction, Skholar is offering a FREE UPSC 2019 Prelims Mock Test with All India Ranking. Skholar.com is a dedicated platform for UPSC Preparation.

UPSC 2019 Preparation Strategy – Prelims

General Studies Preparation

Before 2015, people with excellent aptitude skills could afford a below par scores in general studies paper, as they could cover the 20-25 marks in CSAT paper. But Since 2015, General Studies is the whole and sole of the Prelims exam. CSAT is a qualifying paper (33% score required). If you are not good in GS, you cannot clear Prelims, as simple as that.

Therefore, a major focus of your UPSC Prelims preparation should be focused on General Studies paper of Prelims Exam. You can follow the following steps during your preparation –

1) Newspaper Reading – This is the soul of UPSC preparation. A Thorough reading of newspapers, with special focus on Op-ed, Economy, Foreign affairs and Govt. schemes related news is a must. Prepare personal handwritten notes on every important topic of the day.

 Prepare notes in such a manner that it answers the 5W and 1H questions –

What – Define

When – Time Frame

Where – Location

Whom – People involved/impacted

Why – reasons

How – implications

This will give you readymade answers related to the topic for Mains exam as well. You can check out the examples of current affairs notes here along with daily Quiz.

2) NCERT Books – Over the last couple of years the focus of UPSC Prelims GS paper has been on Core topics from UPSC Prelims Syllabus. To cover these topics, NCERT Textbooks are the best. At least 2-3 readings of NCERT’s (class VIII to XII) for History, geography, Science, Economy and Polity is very important for UPSC Prelims Preparation.

3) Weekly Magazines – Regular reading of a weekly magazine for deeper understanding of issues highlighted in newspapers. Frontline, Yojana, Economic and Political weekly, Science reporter (for science on tech) are good options. You can check out the Highlights of all the important monthly magazines here.

4) Standard Books – 1 standard book for every subject should be read. This will help you get a strong hold over the subject. E.g. – Upinder Singh for ancient India, Bipin Chandra for modern India, Dutt Sundaram for Economics, Laxmikant for Polity, etc. ** One reading before Prelims is a must**

5) Practice – You should solve as many mock tests as possible before the Prelims exams. Also, you should have solved the previous 3-4 years of UPSC Prelims Question paper.

Following the above 5 steps will not guarantee you success in Prelims exams; however it will definitely put on the right path of achieving that goal.

CSAT Preparation

Even though, UPSC Prelims Paper 2 – CSAT is now just a qualifying paper (candidates need to score 33%) you cannot take it for granted. You would need to dedicate enough time for CSAT preparations as well.

Major Focus of your CSAT preparation should be on English Comprehension and Reasoning Ability. As Questions from these topics form the core of the UPSC CSAT Paper.

Additional Resources -:

Apart from the above, you must follow a couple of news channels and websites regularly throughout your preparation. You should also follow Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha TV news channels for good debates and discussions on topics. AIR is also a good source of current affairs and analysis.

Add Determination, Dedication, Discipline and Resolve to the above strategy and we have the recipe of success ready for us.

All the Best!!

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